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    FPSC CSS Compulsory Subjects Guides Topper’s Package

    CSS Books Included: 

    • High Scoring CSS Essays 2021 edition
    • High Scoring CSS English Precis & Composition 2021 by Career Finder
    • The High Scoring Guide for CSS Current Affairs 2021 Edition
    • CSS SUCCESS Guide (Prepare Yourself For CSS-2022) by Career Finder
    • CSS High Scoring General Science and Ability
    • Integrated CSS Islamic Studies Book
    • Contemporary Debates In Pakistan Affairs
    • Pakistan Affairs for Competitive Examinations
    • CSS solved MCQs Past Papers for Compulsory Subjects
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    High Scoring CSS Essays 2021 edition

    Salient Features of  High Scoring CSS Essays by Career Finder :

    • A Step by Step Guide to Assist You in Writing the Perfect Essay
    • High scoring sample essays from CSS past papers
    • Key Takeaways with every essay
    • Suggested Readings Sections to Enhance Your Understanding of Each Topic

    CSS Past Papers of English Essay 2016, 2017, 2018 and 2019 also included in this book.


    Muhammad Abrahim Shah (3rd Position in CSS 2018) &

    Muhammad Ali Zafar