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CT General School Teacher Job BPS-15 has been announced in KPK. Selection will be done through NTS Test. NTS Test is designed to measure General Aptitude in English, Pedagogy, General Knowledge, Pakistan and Basic IT. After learning all concepts in the book CT General School Teacher Job BPS-15 thoroughly, you will be able to qualify the Test.

The NTS Test CT General School Teacher Job BPS-15:


The NTS Test is a comprehensive examination for the evaluation of the prospect teachers required by the Directorate of Elementary & Secondary Education Government of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is a timed test that consists of the sections listed here.



  • English:               ( 25 Marks)
  • Pedagogy:            ( 25 Marks)
  • Pak-Study:           (10 Marks)
  • Islamiyat:            ( 10 Marks)
  • G-Knowledge:    (20 Marks)
  • Basic-IT:             ( 10 Marks)

Total :                ( 100 Marks)

Recruitment Policy in Brief for CT-GENERAL BPS-15



Preparation Methodology for CT-GENERAL BPS-15


Solving Multiple-Choice Questions:

The NTS test ve steps will help you solve multiple-choice math questions:
1. Read the question carefully and determines what’s being asked.
3. Look for your answer among the choices. If it’s there, mark it and go on.
4. If the answer you found is not there, recheck the question and your calculations.
5. If you still can’t solve the problem, eliminate obviously wrong answers and take your best guess.


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