How to Write an Essay Outline? Essay Writing

Essay Outline provides a structure to your essay. A haphazard approach would mean confusion, repetition and various other flaws in the essay. An outline is like the blue‐print of a building. If the essay is not planned well, the execution will also be defective. In this article we will discuss the correct way to make an essay outline.

How to Write an Essay Outline?

The Introduction:

Every essay needs an introduction. Introduction is the face of the essay. It should, therefore, be striking fascinating and must at once arrest the attention of the reader. Various essayists have started their essays in different ways. The modern tendency is to take a direct plunge into the subject matter. The hackneyed method was to start the essay with a definition or quotation. The start may also depend on the particular subject‐matter. Even a quotation may be most fit if the subject of the essay can conveniently accommodate it.

The Body:

It is the most important portion of the essay. Here only one is likely to be led astray. The middle of the essay contains the main discussion on the subject‐matter and as such attempts should be made to avoid nonessential material.

The Conclusion:

Conclusion flows naturally out of the essay. No hard and fast rules can be prescribed. The end should neither be dramatic nor abrupt but natural. It is the last impression on the reader or the examiner. Be very careful that last impression is not bad. No indication like:

(i)    It is the time, the essay should end;

(ii)   In conclusion, I may add;

(iii)  O God, solve the problems;

(iv)  Lack of time did not allow me to write more, etc.

Should be given. If introduction is the face, middle the body, conclusion constitutes the legs of the essay. If a beautiful face and symmetrical body are supported on lean legs, the whole structure will lose its charm. Essay is an organic whole, hence the beginning, the middle and the end are to be knit together.

Style. Dean Alford says in this connection: "Be simple, be unaffected, be honest in your speaking and writing. Never use a long word where a short one will do. Call a spade a spade and not a well-known oblong instrument of manual husbandry: let home be home, and not a residence; a place a place and not a locality and so on. Simplicity is the soul of good English."

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