How to Take Written Test?

The Written Test for Lecturers contains Multiple Choice Questions (MCQs) and a well prepared candidate performs better than others. A candidate who takes practice tests or mock tests before the actual test is expected to perform better. In the written test, a candidate has to:


Clarity of Thoughts

  • Demonstrate the clarity of his thought.

Remove Irrelevant Choices

  • Show the skill to recognize the irrelevant choices and remove them gradually. (For instance, if four of the choices refer to the similar things and one of them is different, it should be considered.)

Time Management

  • Attempt all MCQs within the given time and manage this time realistically.

Information Retrieval

  • Show his/her ability to recognize the exact and accurate definitions of the relevant terms, description of the procedures, methods and formulas, and chronological order of the events, discoveries, theories and laws.

Compose Yourself

  • Compose him/herself while taking the test and ensure that the serial number of the question and its corresponding number on the answer sheet are the same.

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