Gender Studies CSS Syllabus

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus 2016 is available here. Reviewing CSS Syllabus 2016 will help you get through the most competitive examination conducted by Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) Islamabad. Keep connected with Dogar Brothers to know updates and to get selected through CSS 2016 examination.

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus :

Gender Studies CSS Syllabus 2016 is given below:

1. Introduction to Gender Studies Introduction to Gender Studies

  • Difference between Gender and Women Studies
  • Multi-disciplinary nature of Gender Studies
  • Autonomy vs. Integration Debate in Gender Studies
  • Status of Gender Studies in Pakistan

2. Social Construction of Gender

  • Historicizing Constructionism
  • Problematizing the category of “Sex”: Queer Theory Is “Sex” socially determined, too?
  • Masculinities and Feminism
  • Nature versus Culture: A Debate in Gender Development

3. Feminist Theories and Practice

  • What is Feminism Liberal Feminism
  • Radical Feminism
  • Marxist/Socialist Feminism
  • Psychoanalytical Feminism
  • Men’s Feminism
  • Postmodern Feminism

4. Feminist Movements

  • Feminist Movements in the West, First Wave, Second Wave and Third Wave Feminism, United Nation Conferences on Women, Feminist Movements in Pakistan.

5. Gender and Development

  • Colonial and Capitalistic Perspectives of Gender
  • Gender Analysis of Development Theories; Modernization Theory, World System Theory, Dependency Theory, Structural Functionalism.
  • Gender Approaches to Development: Women in Development (WID), Women and Development (WAD), Gender and Development (GAD); Gender Critique of Structural Adjustment Policies (SAPs).
  • Globalization and Gender

6. Status of Women in Pakistan

  • Status of Women’s health in Pakistan
  • Status of Women in Education
  • Women and Employment
  • Women and Law

7.   Gender and Governance

  • Defining Governance
  • Suffragist Movement
  • Gender Issues in Women as Voters
  • Gender Issues in Women as Candidates
  • Gender Issues in Women as Representatives
  • Impact of Political Quota in Pakistan

8. Gender Based Violence

  • Defining Gender Based Violence
  • Theories of Violence against Women
  • Structural and Direct Forms of Violence
  • Strategies to Eliminate Violence against Women IX.

9. Case Studies of:

  • Mukhtaran Mai
  • Mallala Yousaf Zai
  • Shermin Ubaid Chinoy

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