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Foundation University Islamabad Admissions Fall 2016 description is available here. Foundation University Islamabad Admissions Fall 2016 has been announced by NTS. Last date for application submission is Friday, 29th July 2016. Test date is Saturday, 13th August 2016. Dogar Brothers utterly provide Best Stuff for your good preparation.

Foundation University Islamabad Admissions Fall 2016 Details:


BS Electrical Engineering                                                   (Morning)

BC Software Engineering                                                   (Morning)

BS Computer Science                                                         (Morning)

BBA (Hons)                                                                            (Morning)

BS Public Administration                                                   (Morning)

BS Media & Communication                                            (Morning)

BS Psychology                                                                      (Morning)

Bachelor in Computer Arts                                               (Morning)

BS English                                                                               (Morning)

BS Mathematics                                                                   (Morning)

B.Ed. (Hons) Elementary/Secondary                                             (Morning)


MBA (3.5 years)                                                                   (Morning/Evening)

Masters in Public Administration                                    (Evening)

MSc Applied Psychology                                                   (Morning)


MBA (1.5 year)                                                                     (Evening)

MS Management Sciences                                                (Friday-Saturday)

MS Computer Science                                                        (Friday-Saturday)

MS Media & Communication                                           (Evening)

MS English (Linguistics & Literature)                              (Afternoon)

MS/MPhil Psychology (Clinical/General)                      (Evening)


PhD Management Sciences                                              (Friday-Saturday)

PhD Computer Science                                                      (Friday-Saturday)

PhD English                                                                           (Evening)

PhD Psychology                                                                   (Evening)


Associate Degree in Education (Pre-Service)               (Morning)

Associate Degree in Education (In-Service)                  (Evening)

Post Graduate Diploma in Clinical Psychology            (Evening)

Important Guidelines:

  • Prospectus and Application Form can be obtained in person for Rs.1000/- from the Admission Office.
  • To receive by mail send a Pay Order/Bank Draft of Rs.1100/- in favour of Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus, New Lalazar (Off GT Road), Rawalpindi.
  • Provide a copy of NTS result if already appeared.
  • Visit NTS website ( to apply for the test if not already cleared.


  • Merit Scholarship are available.
  • NAT/GAT test will be conducted by National Testing Service (NTS) at Foundation University Rawalpindi Campus premises.

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