Can a CA student appear in CSS Exam?

Answered by Dogar Brothers Editorial Team (Source: FPSC)

  • A candidate for competitive examination must hold at least a second division or grade C bachelor‘s degree in any faculty of one of the Pakistani universities or an equivalent degree or comparable educational qualifications of a foreign university recognized by the Higher Education Commission (HEC), subject to production of equivalence certificate issued by HEC.
  • Where a candidate does not hold the required degree on or before the cut-off date, he shall be required to produce a certificate from the duly authorized officer of the concerned degree awarding institution, to the effect that the candidate has fulfilled all the requirements of the said degree and has cleared and passed the examination for the said degree on or before the cut-off date. The candidate however would be required to produce the said degree before the final result is declared by the Commission.
  • A candidate who has obtained a third division or D grade in his bachelor‘s degree shall be eligible for the competitive examination in cases where he has obtained a higher division or grade in master‘s degree.