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All About Engineering Tests 2020 Online Preparation in Pakistan

Many students plan to pursue the dream of becoming an Engineer. Often, they are confused about the correct path to materialize the dream due to the lack of information regarding their options and opportunities. Following is the guide to achieving your dream of Engineering: NUST Engineering Test NET (Nust Entrance Test) is conducted by National University of Science and Technology. The applicants can take the test thrice a year as it takes place in December, March and June. It consists of [...]


How to Prepare online with Tabir

With this fast paced world, the time we have to accomplish tasks is reducing day by day.We no longer have the time to spend long hours collecting study material from multiple books Tabir has thus come up with a solution to our educational needs to help in preparation for multiple competitive exams, entry tests and many more. All of this to ensure you don’t lag behind in taking the right career decision and making your professional dreams come true. [...]