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Cadet College Kallar Kahar Admission Description: Cadet College Kallar Kahar admits sharp and brilliant students after conducting an entry test followed by an interview in Class VIII and Class XI. College Admissions for Class VIII are mostly open in 1st Week of January and admissions for Class XI are mostly open in 1st week of May or June. The exact dates of admissions are announced through newspapers and college website.

Admission and Other Details:

Last Date to Submit Application for Class VIII & IX Girls= 30 DEC 2015
Entrance Test Date =7 Feb 2016

Last Date to Submit Application for Class VIII Boys= 31 DEC 2015
Entrance Test Date =10 Jan 2016

Last Date to Submit Application for Class XI  Boys (Pre-Engineering & Pre-Medical) = To be announced
Entrance Test Date Boys = To be announced 

Last Date to Submit Application for Class XI  Girls (Pre-Engineering, Pre-Medical and ICS) =To be announced
Entrance Test Date Girls =To be announced

The College was initially set up only to meet the needs of the local boys.  However, due to pressing demand from interested parents, it was converted into a residential institution, with some seats reserved for the deserving local boys. The main entry point is class 8th.  However, subject to availability of vacancies, a few boys are taken in XI class as well.  There are five classes in all (8th to 12th), with three sections each except class 8th, which has four sections.

The admission is carried out through an entrance test, an interview followed by a medical checkup.  It is purely on merit.  Orphans and other deserving boys are given generous scholarship; some even get totally free education.

The admission is open to all Pakistanis, besides two seats are reserved for W&R Dte for wards of officers/JCOs/OR and three to four from FATA under President’s Scheme.  However, due consideration is given to the boys from the backward areas.  A large majority of our students are from the Punjab, a good number from the Khyber Pakhtoonkhwa and some from Azad Kashmir.  The dominant number is from Faisalabad, Sialkot and Rawalpindi division.


The College will adopt all possible measures for the safety of the cadets during their stay in the College. However, the College shall not be held responsible for any kind of accident/mishap causing any kind of physical harm or injury.


Policy is as appended below :-
a. Leave other than the holidays authorised by the College will not be granted except in extreme compassionate cases.
b. For every term, there will be a fixed number of week-ends that cadets may avail themselves of.
c. Leave/closed holidays and vacations will be indicated in the Calendar of Events, to be issued to each cadet on admission.

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