PMA Initial Test Ultimate Guide + Online Testing (2 in 1) Package


PMA Initial Test Ultimate Guide + Online Testing (2 in 1) Package

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PMA Initial Test Ultimate Guide + Online Testing (2 in 1) Package

This Package includes:

  1. PMA Initial Test Ultimate Guide
  2. Online Testing Module
  • Description


PMA Initial Test Ultimate Guide + Online Testing (2 in 1) Package by Dogar Brothers is available. Home delivery is free. Place your order now.  PMA book will help you prepare for all the subjects that are tested in the PMA exam. Moreover, the book is stuffed with quality content and it will help you ace your PMA long course exam and your ISSB exam. Also, The book has online past papers as well. Prepare using past papers. That will help you understand the kind of questions that are asked in the exam. Moreover, it will get you acquainted with the paper pattern.

1. PMA Initial Test Ultimate Guide + Online Testing (2 in 1) Package Book Key Features:

  • Selection Procedure (PMA Initial Test)
  • PMA Online Test Format
  • PMA Online Test (Questions)
  • Study Tips

Covering the entire Syllabus including Subjects of:




  • Syllabus
  • Join Defense Forces as Commissioned Officer
  • Army Selection Centers
  • ABOUT PMA Initial test
  • PMA Advertisement
  • Online Test Format


  • Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Non-Verbal Intelligence Test
  • Academic Test
  • Personality Test


  • Number Series
  • Letter Series
  • Alphabet Series
  • Analogy Test
  • Classification


  • Non-Verbal Reasoning
  • Practice Test – I
  • Practice Test – II


  • Sentence Completion
  • Analogies
  • Antonyms
  • Synonyms
  • Active and Passive Voice
  • Direct and Indirect Speech
  • Error Identification


  • Countries and their Capitals
  • International Organizations
  • List of Secretary Generals of UN
  • Brief Notes on Some Commonly Questioned International Organizations
  • Headquarters, Presidents & General Secretary of Organizations
  • Important Books & their Authors
  • Foreign Word & Phrases
  • Famous IT Companies and their Founders
  • Countries Possessing Nuclear Weapons(declared)
  • Important News Agencies
  • List of Presidents of USA
  • Important Streets and Reasons they are famous for
  • Parliaments of Different Countries of World
  • Different Scientists and Fields of Study
  • Famous Travelers in History
  • Stock Exchange in the World
  • International Boundary Lines
  • Old and New Names of Countries
  • World Cities with Old Names
  • Armies of Some Countries in the World
  • Famous Paintings
  • Intelligence Agencies
  • List of Famous Autobiographies
  • Refugee Camps in the World
  • Important days (2019) & their Themes
  • More International Days
  • International Decades
  • Lists of World Famous Squares
  • List of World Famous Towers
  • List of World Famous Architectures / Wonders of the World
  • Nicknames of Countries & Cities
  • Countries/ Cities by Population
  • Military Operations in Near Past
  • Cities on the Banks of Rivers
  • Facts Related to World Lakes/ Rivers
  • South / North American Cities on the banks of Rivers
  • European Cities on the Banks of Rivers
  • Asian Cities on the Banks of Rivers
  • List of Few World Popular Leaders and Political Parties
  • Commonly Asked Political Parties
  • Highest Military Awards of Countries
  • Short List of Fact Related Flags and National Emblems
  • Important Wars & Revolutions
  • World History
  • Cropping Seasons
  • Some International Airlines
  • Some International Airports
  • Nobel Prize
  • Pakistani Nobel Laureates
  • Parliamentary Terminologies
  • Famous Dances Around the World
  • Nobel Prize Winner of 2018
  • World Geography
  • Highest Waterfalls
  • Rivers of the World
  • Top Seven Mountains Ranges in the World (by Length)
  • Ocean Terminology / Water Bodies
  • Top 10 Mountains of the World
  • World Largest Islands
    Seas and Oceans Facts
  • Major Deserts of the World
  • World Popular Seaports Disputed Islands
  • Geography Facts
  • Largest Oceans
  • Largest Lakes
  • World’s Largest Dams
  • World’s Largest Peninsulas


  • Facts About Pakistan
  • First Cabinet of Pakistan
  • Pakistan Provinces by size
  • Pakistan Provinces by Population
  • Some Valleys in Pakistan
  • Tombs of Sufis and Saints in Pakistan
  • Major Institutions of Pakistan
  • Famous Colleges / Universities in Pakistan
  • Old Names of Cities of Pakistan
  • List of Important Minerals and their Location in Pakistan
  • Top Exports of Pakistan
  • Power Plants of Pakistan
  • Names of Important Military Operations in Pakistan
  • Composition of Pakistan’s Parliaments Facts
  • Important Celebrated Days in Pakistan Full Form of Abbreviation Used for Public
  • Sector Organizations
  • Operations Conducted by the Pakistan Army on UN Missions
  • Largest, Smallest, Highest & First in Pakistan Quick Facts (Constitutional History)
  • Brief list of commonly Asked Articles of the Constitution of Pakistan
  • PAKISTAN STUDIES MCQs Indus Valley Civilization
  • From Muhammad Bin Qasim to the Mughal Rule
  • Sub-Continent After 1857 and the Pakistan Movement
  • History of Pakistan from 1947 to Present
  • Geography of Pakistan
  • Rivers
  • Mountains & Glaciers
  • Lake in Pakistan
  • Deserts
  • Mountain Passes
  • Dam, Barrages & Headworks
  • Sea & Dry Ports
  • Mines & Minerals
  • Air, Rail & Road Networks
  • Plains & Plateaus

General Information about Pakistan


  • Practice test no. 1
  • Practice test no. 2
  • Practice test no. 3
  • Practice test no. 4


  • Current Affairs MCQs
  • A Brief Profile of the Countries of the World
  • Foreign Ministers of Some Selected Countries of the World
  • Current Monarchs


  • Mathematics MCQs

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Salient Features:

  • Multiple Levels of Conceptual Progress – Complete all Levels to prepare well for the exam.
  • Learning box to improve your weak concepts.
  • All you need to know for the exam.
  • Real-time Progress

You can check the Online Testing Module at this link: PMA Initial Test Online Testing Module

How to use PMA Online Testing Module?

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