High Scoring MDCAT online test preparation Package (With Online Module)


High Scoring MDCAT online test preparation Package (With Online Module)

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MDCAT Special Edition Contains:

  1. Full Fledged Diagnostic Test to Check your Existing Preparation.
  2. How to Prepare for MDCAT Online Test.
  3. Improve Your Score with Tabir.pk Online Learning.
  4. Comprehensive & Concept Building Learning Box Tabir.pk
  5. 2 Self Improvement Tests to Check how much you have Improved.

NOTE: *This MDCAT Special Edition is available for online order only. Not available at any bookshop.

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High Scoring MDCAT online test preparation guide (With Online Module) by Career Finder is available at Dogar Brothers. Home delivery is available. High Scoring MDCAT online test preparation guide (With Online Module) will be sent to you by courier within 2 to 5 working days. This Package is available for online order only. Not available at any bookshop.

High Scoring MDCAT online test preparation guide (With Online Module) Contains:

  1. The High Scoring MDCAT Guide
  2. MDCAT Solved Past Papers 2017-18
  3. MDCAT Online Learning Module

The High Scoring MDCAT Guide Salient Features:

  • Conceptual MCQs for Every Topic
  • High Scoring Explanations
  • Solved Original Past Papers 2017-18
  • Success Tips for Scoring High

MDCAT Solved Past Papers:

  • Past Papers 2017 & 2018
  • Answer with Detailed Explanation
  • Concept Building through Explanation

MDCAT Online Test Preparation Learning Module Features:

  • Eligibility Criteria
  • Test Information
  • Test Pattern
  • MDCAT Practice Test
  • Success Box: Success Box has everything you need to achieve for MDCAT Entry Test.
  • Challenges: Complete all the challenges in a success box to prepare well for MDCAT Entry test.
  • Learning Box: In the Learning Box all your mistakes will be addressed through intellectual Concept Building so that in future you do not make the same mistakes again.
  • Real-Time Progress: Completing all the levels means you are ready for the actual test.

High Scoring MDCAT Package (With Online Module):

  • Full Fledged Diagnostic Test to Check your Existing Preparation.
  • How to Prepare for MDCAT Online Test.
  • Improve Your Score with Tabir.pk Online Learning.
  • Comprehensive & Concept Building Learning Box Tabir.pk
  • 2 Self Improvement Tests to Check how much you have Improved.


To get admission into reputable medical colleges, a high MDCAT score is very important. Improve your marks and MDCAT preparation by using this exclusive score improvement package by Dogar.pk

How to Use This Package:

  • Start by attempting the Diagnostic Test, which has been added in order to test your current knowledge of the syllabus. Once you attempt the Test, fill in the Result Chart in order to see how you performed. Don’t worry if the score isn’t satisfactory! Tabir.pk will help you achieve a remarkable score by helping you work on your weak areas.
  • Clear all the Levels included in the Module. If you answer a question correctly, you will proceed to the next question. If you answer incorrectly, you will be directed to the Learning Box, where the concept will be explained to you in detail. This ensures that you attempt it correctly on the upcoming Levels. Your progress will be updated on the Progress Indicator on the screen, which will help you gauge your preparation. This has been explained in Preparation Steps
  • Once you have cleared all the Levels, refer to the two Self-Improvement Tests that have been given in the book. Attempt the tests and fill the Result Chart accordingly. Compare the Diagnostic Test Result Chart to the Self-Improvement Tests Result Chart in order to determine your preparation for MDCAT


  1. Tips for Scoring High Marks
  2. Important Test Information
  3. Conceptual MCQs and Explanation
  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English

4. Solved Original Papers (in the separate book)

Tips for scoring high marks

Why MDCAT is considered difficult?

MDCAT is generally considered difficult because some students find preparing for the test to be challenging. MDCAT is difficult because of the following reasons:

  1. Vastness of the syllabus
  2. Time management issues
  3. Stress management issues
  4. Misunderstanding and misinterpretation question statements

How “High Scoring Guide for MDCAT” solves these problems?

In this “high scoring MDCAT guide” we have addressed major concerns of the students:

1. Vastness of the syllabus:

We have compiled key conceptual questions with explanations for each topic so every important area is covered.

2. Time Management Issues:

Exposure to difficult, medium and easy level questions will improve time management. Timed questions at Online Learning Module (tabir.pk) helps greatly in time management.

3. Stress Management Issues: Children stress out because they are not confident in their preparation because of the burden of syllabus. But through our learning package all the issues related to syllabus have been addressed and a comprehensive plan is given so you don’t need to stress out.

4. Misunderstanding and misinterpretation of question statements:

This issue is common in students under pressure of time when they spend too much time on some harder questions. This issue is answered at our online learning module where every question is timed.

Here’s the Plan

5. Carefully go through the syllabus of the test

6. Attempt one past paper from “MDCAT High Scoring Package”: to familiarize yourself with nature and difficulty.

7. Attempt all topic wise conceptual MCQs in “MDCAT High Scoring Package”

8. Complete all Levels in Success Box at tabir.pk:

  • The success box is your learning area where you will attempt various questions for each subject. All questions are time-based to follow the actual test environment. There are several levels in the success box.
  • In case you get a question wrong, the learning box will teach you how to answer this question in future. In this way you will be able to learn new concepts.
  • When you will complete all the levels in success box by correcting your mistakes, your progress will reach to 100 percent.

9. Attempt MDCAT Practice test at tabir.pk:

  • You can check status of your preparation by attempting practice test after completing success box
  • The questions in the practice test are close to the actual past paper of the test. • It is broken down into different levels so you can attempt them at your ease.
  • The questions are allocated in the similar manner in which they are distributed in the actual test.
  • The practice test will give you an idea of your preparation and the areas you need to work on.

6. Now you are confident to take actual test. Best of Luck

Important MDCAT Test Information

  • MDCAT Test Syllabus

The test syllabus can be found at the official UHS website

  • MDCAT Test Pattern

The test comprises of 220 multiple-choice questions. The test is divided into 4 main categories as shown below

  1. Biology (88 MCQs)
  2. Chemistry (58 MCQs)
  3. Physics (44 MCQs)
  4. English (30 MCQs)

The time allowed for the whole test is 150 minutes. For each correct answer, 5 marks will be awarded and for each incorrect answer, 1 mark will be deducted. There will be no penalty on leaving a question unanswered.

  • MDCAT Merit Calculation

The merit of a candidate will be calculated according to the following criteria

  1. SSC or equivalent 10%
  2. HSSC/FSc or equivalent 40%
  3. Admission Test 50%


Solved Past Papers 2017

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English

Solved Past Papers 2018

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • English

Visit the link for the Online Learning System:

Go to link: How to Prepare for the Test.

How to use MDCAT Online Preparation Module?

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