CSS General Science and Ability Book

This is a comprehensive book containing almost all information required by the reader for the general understanding of daily science phenomena. This book has been carefully arranged to provide not only the complete understanding to the reader but also to ensure speedy search for any topic. You can use this book in various ways

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CSS General Science and Ability Book is an attempt to present knowledge about practical aspects of Science used in daily life in a comprehensive way. It can be a significant tool for the students preparing for the competitive exams in general and especially for the students who have not much knowledge about Science or those who have never studied Science while studying in the schools and colleges.

CSS General Science and Ability Book Details:

CSS General Science and Ability Book has been prepared by keeping in view the latest styles of competitive exams with the special focus on CSS examination. The authors have tried their best to present authentic information in simple language with examples and figures so that the students may grasp and understand the information easily. Moreover, the topics within the chapters have been arranged alphabetically to make search easier.

CSS General Science and Ability contains seven chapters as PART l of the book: Introduction to Science, Physical Sciences, Biosciences and Applied Sciences. PART ll is Quantitative and Analytical Reasoning with Mental Ability while third part contains solved papers of previous CSS examination. It has been tried to make the coverage of science topics as complete and comprehensive as possible, but more topics may be added as we receive feedback from our readers. Your suggestions are always welcome in this regard.

Sidebars: Sidebars will help you in providing up-to-date, additional and interesting information, definitions, explanations or references. These bars ensure that you can have the best output of your time by providing you on the page additional information or selected references.We have included sidebars usually in boxes with different headings.

  • Update: Such boxes present updated information or facts on the point that was discussed in the papers in past context but the context has changed now We think these updates will give you an edge in CSS Examination.
  • Build Vocabulary: Under this heading, you can find the contextual meaning of the difficult words along with 1 or 2 synonyms/antonyms.
  • Historical Note: These bars give you historical information on the points relevant to the question. Such information can further help you in responding MCQs or even essay type questions.
  •  External Link: You can find web links or reference to some relevant book/article/video/picture that may enhance your knowledge and understanding of the topic.
  • Figures: Under this heading, you will either find some diagram, concept chart, picture or some data.
  • Definition: These boxes provide you with the technical definition of terminologies. Reading through these boxes will help you understand the term.
  •   Amazing Facts: These boxes contain information that we found interesting and hope those bits will wonder you as well.

About this Book: Idea that makes this book different is ‘when everyone is working hard how will you get an edge’. This book is your smart choice and will Insha Allah give you the edge to successfully compete the examination. Here are the features that make this book your smart choice:

Inside this Book:

  • Covering CSS syllabus
  • Easy to find alphabetically listed topics
  • Up-to-date FPSC solved papers of last 6  years
  • Latest scientific information and terminology


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