CSS English Essay Online Preparation Series With Abrahim Shah


CSS English Essay Online Preparation Series With Abrahim Shah


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CSS English Essay Online Preparation:

Get Exclusive Video Series with 3rd Position Holder in CSS 2018

  • Introduction To CSS Essay Exam
  • Understanding The Topic And Writing A Thesis Statement
  • Forming An Outline For Your Essay
  • Writing An Attractive Introduction
  • Paragraph And Sentence Structure
  • Flow Of The Essay
  • Writing A Strong Conclusion

The details for each part in the CSS English Essay series are given below:

Lecture-1 Introduction to CSS Essay Exam 


Introduction of the Instructor- Abrahim Shah (3rd position in CSS 2018, 61 marks in Essay)

This is a 7 part lecture series which will cover the following areas of CSS exam paper:

Essentials of a High Scoring Essay: how to improve structure, flow and coherence.

Why do students fail to perform well in Essay exam. 

Things to avoid while writing Essays in CSS exams

Understanding and Selecting the Topic and Developing a Thesis Statement

How to write an effective and high scoring Outline that stands out

Pillars of Coherence:Improving Paragraph structure and sentence structure

Tips and Tricks to write a Unique Introduction (using a gripping start with proverbs, quotes, case study examples)

How to write the perfect conclusion to your essay.


Lecture-2 Understanding the topic and Writing a Thesis Statement


How to narrow down your topic selection

Which topics to avoid in the Essay Exam

Understanding the demand of the topic

Highlighting keywords of a topic

Developing a Thesis Statement for your Essay

Framework of a Thesis Statement.


Lecture-3 Forming an Outline for your Essay


How to write a high scoring outline

What does an outline consist of:

  • Introduction
  • Thesis Statement
  • Definition/Elaboration
  • Pros/Causes
  • Cons/Effects
  • Case Studies
  • Way Forward/ solutions
  • Conclusion

Looking at Sample outlines from the book


Lecture-4 Writing an attractive Introduction


What is an Introduction-Snapshot

How to write a high scoring Introduction

  • Structure of the Introduction
  • Gripping Start
  • Reflection of the Entire Essay
  • Thesis Statement
  • Adding quotes and statistics

Reading through examples of introduction from sample essays

Lecture-5 Paragraph and Sentence Structure


Paragraph Structure (mini essay)

Topic Sentence- meaning and significance

Identifying Topic Sentences from examples in the book

Developing the topic sentence: (body of the paragraph)

  • Adding statistics
  • Arguments
  • Examples
  • Elaborating the topic sentence

Concluding the paragraph.

Reading Sample paragraphs to develop better understanding


Lecture-6  Flow of the Essay


Developing coherence and flow:

Between Paragraphs

  • Topic Sentence
  • Connector Paragraphs

Between sentences

  • Signposts 

Types of Paragraphs in CSS Essay

Reading through examples to highlight flow and coherence.


Lecture-7 Writing a strong conclusion


Recap of the lecture series

How to write a strong conclusion

  • Sum up the Essay
  • Condense your arguments
  • Reiterate the thesis statement

Using phrases like “in conclusion, in summary’

Using more assertive language

Connecting with the Introduction (Coherence)

No new ideas to be introduced in the conclusion

Reading through examples of sample conclusions

Final Advice


Assignments Assessment At The End Of Each Video

High Scoring Essay Guide 2020

Which CSS books are best?

Here is a list of highly recommended books and preparation series for CSS preparation:

  1. High Scoring CSS Essays Online Series by Abrahim Shah
  2. CSS High Scoring English Precis & Composition by Career Finder
  3. CSS Current Affairs Package (with Online Learning) by Dogar Brothers
  4. Integrated CSS Pakistan Affairs Preparation Package
  5. Who is Who and What Is What Book by Dogar Brothers

How to start CSS Preparation at home?

Here are some steps to follow for CSS preparation at home:


  •  Know the Basics of the CSS Exam.
  •  Get the Right Books for the CSS Exam.
  •  Read the Right Newspaper and Magazines.
  •  Prepare a Schedule and Follow It.
  •  Prepare Online with Tabir.pk to get exclusive Online guidance 


For more guidance from CSS officers, visit our Youtube Channel:



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