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One of my relatives, Nida Asghar, applied for the post of lecturer in Urdu in 2009. She has been a good student in her academic life. She was hopeful to qualify for this post. She tried to revise her syllabus for MA Urdu in a short time. She could not do so and developed an impression that she was not well prepared. She was also preoccupied with the paper pattern. In the examination hall, she read her question paper and compared it with the previous papers. She tried her best to recall maximum information and reproduce on her answer sheet. She could not qualify even the written test.

She asked for my advice. I suggested her to form her own opinion while attempting the subjective paper. Then she appeared again in the Written Test in 2011. This time the change in paper pattern had confused her much. She got a book and tried to memorize the dates of birth and death of the poets and authors. She spent a lot of time to memorizing the second lines of the several verses.

She could not perform well because she had ignored grammar altogether and she was much confused. She is appearing for lectureship this year and this is her last chance. She believes, “To be lecturer is extremely difficult.”

She asks, “What should I study to click my written test?”

“Know your subject. First visualize your subject then think about details,” is the advice many teachers have shared with her.

“Will I succeed this year?” she wants to know.

“Your success depends on your practice and clarity of thought.”

To be Continued…