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A graduate, Adnan Waheed, got his degree in 2010 and just after two months, he got an opportunity to apply for the post of lecturer in English. He appeared in the Written Test, passed it and appeared before the interview panel. He followed the simple formula, ‘To be thyself’ and succeeded. Now he is serving as lecturer.

Once I asked him, “Is it difficult to be a lecturer?”

“No, not at all,” was his spontaneous answer.

“How can you say it?” I asked.

“My experience shows, it’s easy.”

“What did you do to qualify as lecturer?” many people ask him.

Planned and systematic preparation.”

“How did you memorize the dates?” once his friend who could not pass, asked him.

“No need to remember the dates. Just make a timeline” Adnan responded.

“I often forget exact definitions. How do you remember these definitions”, his friend asked.

“I don’t try to remember the definitions of terms. I just try to understand the concept and explain in my own words.”

“What did the interview panel ask you?” a candidate who passed the test but not interview, asked him.

“They asked me what I proposed”, was his reply.

“Don’t make joke”, the unsuccessful candidate said.

“No, it’s not a joke. They asked me what I have read. I told them and they verified my claims through questioning. That’s all.”

To be Continued…