Tips & Tricks for The NET

Tips & Tricks for The NET are given in this article. Entry tests are very nerve wracking, to say the least. In such a scenario it doesn’t hurt to have a few tricks up your sleeve. You can study hard but what if you study smart? This would save you a lot of time trying what works for you. Of course, these tips and tricks don’t guarantee you’ll get an admission but they will certainly be of good to assistance to those who actually study hard. Read away!

Tips & Tricks for The NET


Like we’ve said before, it’s very imperative that you practice. Some students tend to ride the high horse and think they’ll be fine just by going through the course books. This is a suicidal strategy. Unless you don’t practice you won’t know for sure how good you actually are.

Learn to work without a calculator

You won’t be allowed to take a calculator in your NET nor will you be given one in the test centre. Basically you’ll have to learn to work without one. During our time in high school we get so dependent on calculators that we sometimes use it for the easiest of things. This is wrong and you’ll have to shake of this habit. But before you get too frightened by this idea, I assure you that you won’t even need a calculator during the test. The calculations are simple multiplications and additions, some of which can be tricky if you haven’t practiced. So while practicing, lock away your calculator.

Time yourself

Some people have practiced a lot, but what they haven’t practiced on is solving problems fast. This is a huge drawback considering the NET has 200 MCQ’s with only 3 hours to solve them. This does not mean that you don’t read the statement clearly. Some MCQ’s will take 10 seconds, some will take more than 2 minutes. Give every question its due time. So when you’re practicing make sure you’re good at mental calculations.

Give other entry tests as well

Don’t keep the NET your only option, testing yourself through other tests can also help you perform better in the NET. Give all of them if you feel like you’re not confident with your score. Attempting other entry tests before the NET will prepare you and their result will either boost your confidence or give you the drive to improve the areas you are weak in.

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