NUMS Entry Test 2017 (Application Procedure & Eligibility Criteria)

NUMS Entry Test 2017 (Application Procedure & Eligibility Criteria) details are given in this article. Established in the year 2015, the National University of Medical Science (NUMS) is the most prestigious college for learning and practicing medicine. The Federal Public Sector University was established to provide opportunities related to research for undergraduate and post-graduate education in the field of Medicine, Nursing, Dentistry, Animal Husbandry and Allied Health. Though it is a young establishment, NUMS is an HEC recognized university imparting quality education. It has also gained the recognition of Pakistan Medical and Dental Council (PMDC). NUMS has relations with many reputable foreign universities due to which a number of foreign professors pay visits to the university to provide insight to the students about their experiences. They also conduct conferences to discuss the new research and development in the field and suggest changes in the curriculum or programs.

The main aim of the establishment of this prestigious university is to provide quality education and employ new methods to guarantee successful learning. NUMS, in the coming year, will grow into an institution that will revolutionize the training and education of medicine by going beyond the conventional methods of imparting knowledge. This improved system will be based on the use of modern technology.

NUMS Admission Application Procedure:

For getting an admission in NUMS, there’s an application procedure. The requirements for admission vary by a small degree from year to year. The normal procedure for getting admission involves taking NUMS test (entry test) along with some eligibility criteria. There is a limited number of seats for which students apply from all over Pakistan. The seats are assigned on the basis of performance of each candidate on the NUMS Entry Test (NET). The alternative to the NET is based on the SAT scores of the candidate.

The process for registration for admission in NUMS is entirely online. The candidates must have some necessary documents before applying. For registration, it is mandatory for each candidate to have CNIC or B Form or NICOP (National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis).

The eligibility required for the registration process includes:

  • FA / FSc Students who have cleared Part – I exams.
  • The equivalence certificate issued by IBCC for A level students should have at least 60% marks.

The process of admission starts with the online registration procedure in which the student has to provide a valid email address in order to start the online application. After providing the email address, the candidates are provided with a registration number. The candidates can use that registration number to fill up the online registration form along with the submission of required processing fee.

There’s no restriction on the number of times a candidate can appear on the entry test of National University of Medical Science. Candidates can also improve their scores of the NUMS test by taking it again. But for every attempt to take the entry test the candidates have to fill out a separate application. The scores of students are assessed and a merit list of the selected students is prepared. The admission procedure takes place once a year to accommodate the students for classes starting in Fall Semester.

NUMS - Eligibility Criteria:

NUMS has eligibility criteria for admission in its programs. The criteria vary somewhat depending on the program.


  • The candidates must have obtained at least 60 % marks in SSC as well as HSSC exams or their equivalent.
  • The candidates having an FSc (pre-med) background can also apply on the basis of FSc part-I but in order to get confirmation of admission, the certificate of FSc or transcript is required.
  • A level or equivalent candidates or can apply by submitting their O level equivalent certificate that can be obtained from Inter Board Committee of Chairman (IBCC) but in order to get confirmation of admission, the A level equivalent certificate is required.
  • Foreign candidates can apply on the basis of their score in SAT-II exams (minimum score of 550) or their American MCAT score. They can also take the NUMS entry test if SAT-II or American MCAT is not available.

For BSc Nursing:

  • The candidates must have obtained at least 60 % marks in HSSC (pre-med) exams or their equivalent.
  • Only female candidates can apply for admission in nursing.

For BSc Cardiac Perfusion / BSc MLT:

  • The candidates must have obtained at least 50 % marks in HSSC (pre-med) exams or their equivalent.


NUMS Entry Test:

NUMS entry test dates for the year 2017 have been announced. The candidates applying for BDS, MBBS, Bsc Nursing, Bsc (Hons) and Dip Card will be able to take the entry test. It has been announced that the entry test will be conducted by NTS (National Testing Service) as it is experienced in conducting such level of testing. In order to appear in the entry test, the candidate must apply through the online procedure for an application. Only those students can appear in the entry test that has registered for any of the programs offered by NUMS. A student can appear for more than one entry test and can apply for multiple programs but an additional fee will apply.

The pattern for the entry test includes the syllabi for subjects like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry. The entry test is MCQs based on all subjects without any marks deduction for mistakes (negative marking). The English test is based on the SAT exam pattern for National University of Medical Science test. There is also an Intelligence test to judge the thinking ability of students and their Intelligence Quotient (IQ).

On the basis of entry test result, the merit list for students passing the entry test is displayed on the university website. The students for the limited number of seats are selected on the basis of their scores in the NUMS entry test (NET). Candidates can apply for re-checking of entry test papers within 10 days of the announcement of result with additional fee applicable. The copy of the Entry test results for individual students can be obtained from the website.

Important Dates to Remember for NUMS Admissions:

The schedule for admission are announced each year for National University of Medical Science test. These dates include the deadline for registration in that particular academic year. Along with that the dates for the start of the admission as well as the deadline for the submission of fee are mentioned. The schedule for academic year 2017 is given below:

Important Dates for MBBS/BDS Admissions:

  • Admissions start: July/August
  • Merit List display: Oct / Nov
  • Commencement of Academic year: 1st week of December

Important Dates for B.Sc Nursing, BSc Cardiac Perfusion & BSc MLT Admissions:

  • Admissions start: July/August
  • Merit List display: Oct / Nov
  • Commencement of Academic year: 1st week of January


NUMS Fee Structure:

The entry fee and the tuition fee for the admission program 2017 are mentioned below.

Tuition Fee for Army Medical College

  • MBBS                                                                                                              PKR 1,83,360 /year
  • BDS                                                                                                                  PKR 1,83,360 /year
  • For Foreign Students                                                                                       $10,000 /year


NUMS Constituent Colleges/Institutes:

  • Army Medical College
  • Armed Forces Post Graduate Medical Institute

Including College of Nursing, AFPGMI

  • Army College of Veterinary Sciences


NUMS Affiliated Medical Colleges/Institutes:

  • CMH-Lahore Medical College and Institute of Dentistry
  • Quetta Institute of Medical Sciences
  • CMH Multan Institute Of Medical Sciences
  • Wah Medical College
  • HITEC Institute of Medical Sciences Taxila
  • Karachi Institute of Medical Sciences
  • CMH Institute of Medical Sciences Bahawalpur


NUMS Teaching and Training Hospital/Institutes:

  • Armed Forces Institute of Cardiology
  • Armed Forces Institute of Dentistry
  • Armed Forces Institute of Mental Health
  • Armed Forces Institute of Ophthalmology
  • Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
  • Armed Forces Institute of Radiology
  • Armed Forces Institute of Rehabilitation Medicine
  • Armed Forces Institute of Transfusion
  • Armed Forces Bone Marrow Transplant Centre
  • Armed Forces Institute of Urology


NUMS Entry Test Preparation:


NUMS entry test pattern for MBBS/BDS program as inferred from last year’s test includes 180 MCQ questions. The questions are not scored using negative marking. The duration for the test to complete all 180 questions is 3 hours and 30 mins. The questions are divided among the subject with division favoring priority of the subject. According to the division out of 180 Question:

  • 45 questions are from Physics
  • 45 questions are from Chemistry
  • 20 questions are from English
  • 70 questions are from Biology

These questions are prepared from Fsc (pre-med) and A level syllabus and can be prepared from the course books. The way to prepare is to study hard from textbook to grasp all the concepts.

Nursing and Allied Health Sciences

The test pattern for the Nursing and Allied Health Sciences program as inferred from last year’s test includes 150 MCQ questions. These questions are checked without negative marking. The duration provided to complete all 150 questions is 3 hours. The questions are divided among the subject with division favoring priority of the subject. According to the division out of 150 Question:

  • 35 questions are from Physics
  • 35 questions are from Chemistry
  • 20 questions are from English
  • 60 questions are from Biology

These questions can easily be prepared using Fsc (pre-med) and A level syllabus and can be prepared from the course books. NUMS MCAT Solved Papers Book by Dogar Brothers is one of the best book for the preparation of NUMS Entry Test.

About NUMS MCAT Solved Papers Book by Dogar Brothers:

This book gives you the concept revision and the practice both at a time. On one hand, it gives you ample revision of the topics and concepts to be covered during the Entrance Test, and on the other hand it helps you familiarize with the test itself. Moreover, this book gives you important information regarding NUMS, its Entrance Test, and eligibility criteria. You will find the following features in this book.

How To Use NUMS MCAT Solved Papers Book:

A Complete Guide: It is recommended that you begin preparation by studying the “Introduction” part of this book. Read carefully “Exam Strategy” of this section before starting. This will familiarize you about the MCAT type test. Moreover, this book contains almost all the information a student wants to know about MCAT.
NUMS-MCAT Introduction: This book will introduce you to the pattern, subject weightage, the eligibility criteria and strategies to solve the Entrance Test.
Solved Papers: The book has been organized into ten papers according to NUMS pattern. Each paper consists of 180 MCQs. Solving ten papers one by one will surely boost your ability to solve NUMS. For this, you are expected to study course books in detail and approach this book to polish and revise concepts.
Explanations: MCQs have been designed to measure your skills and knowledge but explanations have also been added to give you revision of difficult concepts.
Self Assessment: After taking your first practice test and correcting the answers, you should score your test as by filling a chart given at the end of each paper. It will do as actual test. Fill this Self Assessment chart for each paper and after every five papers, a graph chart has been given. Draw this graph for your score in last five papers. This will give you an assessment about you that how well you are doing and how much study you further require.

Inside NUMS MCAT Solved Papers Book:

  • Exactly According to NUMS Entrance Test Syllabus
  • Highly Explained Questions
  • Revision Of Concept
  • Self Assessment


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